Today’s Construction Economy - Q1 2022

Non-Residential Construction Recovery, the Infrastructure Bill, and Sustained Industry Confidence

By Tom Sanders, CCEA, CBA
Lead Economist, MOCA Systems, Inc.

This quarter’s expanded edition focuses on non-residential construction’s turbulent recovery over the past three months and identifies forces that will steer the construction economy in the coming months and throughout 2022.

Compromised supply chains and labor availability challenges have driven costs and will continue to do so. Nevertheless, a new Infrastructure bill and sustained industry confidence will likely keep the recovery on track. Our focus continues to be on the primary drivers of selling price to owners.

Download and learn how the demand for non-residential construction remains high.

Meet the author

Tom Sanders, CCEA, CBA
Lead Economist at MOCA Systems

Tom Sanders is the lead economist for MOCA Systems, Inc., a leading owner’s representative firm providing program and project management services. Tom provides independent market analyses for military construction projects. He is a retired USAF Reserve Colonel with 30 years of service.

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