Revisiting the 5 Big Ideas Transforming the Design and Construction Industry

Based on Touchplan’s blog series, this new e-book focused on understanding Lean Construction principles and how the intersection of humans and technology can deliver better results.

By 2010, The Five Big Ideas became the basis for a new kind of contract based on the relationships of the teams designing and building a project. As this framework evolved over the last ten years, this report will reexamine the components that help leaders effectively navigate the collaboration of teams, identify opportunities to learn, and create action to design milestone conditions that build the best outcomes of the entire project.

We would like to thank the many authors that contributed to this e-book including Hal Macomber, Carla Ciepliski, Terri Erickson, Jeff Loeb, Connor Butler, Mark Jussaume, Adam Hoots, Calayde Davey, Layne Hess and George Hunt.

Download and learn about The 5 Big Ideas, how they evolved and how we use them to implement processes that build successful teams in 2021.

Accessible anytime, anywhere

Align job site data from daily field plans and the external schedule with collaboration tools and dashboards that greatly improve communication, productivity, risk and safety.

Handle change, mitigate risk

"A solution that bridges the gap between the master schedule and daily plan can provide a huge advantage."

- Nathan Thompson, Scheduling Manager for Lee Kennedy Company

Master schedule, meet field plan

By collaboratively managing project controls, more commitments are met, more projects stay on budget, ahead of schedule, and ultimately, in the end, people’s lives are made better.

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