Webinar On-Demand.

Despite the introduction of many innovative materials and technologies, construction productivity has experienced minimal changes in the past 50 years, creating a well-documented gap between construction and other industries. One aspect of the growing gap is construction's hesitant approach to adopting collaborative working methodologies and systematically implementing digital technologies and working practices.

Traditional approaches result in stakeholder silos with slow and guarded information sharing, focused on individual activities rather than the project flow, resulting in delays and increased costs. The collaboration of BBI Services and Touchplan encourages teams to collaborate and embrace change, facilitating the simpler adoption of digital practices.

You will learn:

  • Developing collaboration, teamwork, and trust based on practical improvement activities
  • Visual management and performance practices
  • Eliminating waste in every process
  • Integrated project teams with design and procurement that align with the value propositions
  • Active leadership to set the vision and drive the behaviors/routines that achieve mutual success and continuous improvement 


  • Sandy Hamby, MOCA Systems, Inc. 
  • Marc Roberts, BBI Services
  • Mark Worrall, BBI Services