Webinar On-Demand.

The traditional way or tracking information on a construction project has been to use spreadsheets to manage the numerous scopes of work and ensure a smooth transition between trades and planning an adequate workforce. The challenge of managing all of this information within spreadsheets is that it usually relies on complex formulas that only one person knows all of the inner working of the information. Tune into this webinar to hear from Sundt Regional Director of Northern California, Sean Falvey, about how they used Touchplan on a construction project to ensure all the details and commitments could be met. 

You will learn:

  • How Touchplan replaced the cumbersome work required to maintain production work with a more user-friendly dashboard
  • How Touchplan can ensure that projects are built to Lean Standards
  • How Touchplan enhanced communication between field superintendents and specialty trades


  • Chris Contento, Touchplan 
  • Sean Falvey, Sundt Construction