Webinar On-Demand.

63% of owners identified schedule as their top priority for value related to project performance. Considering 77% of construction projects run late, project teams are in need of a planning and performance system, innovative technology and techniques that will minimize delays. In this webinar, listen in as a panel of collaborative planning experts discuss why they’re prioritizing “collaborative planning” in their contracts, how owners can revise their scheduling specifications to include this improvement, and what steps teams can take to deliver on-time and under-budget projects.

You will learn:

  • The difference between “traditional scheduling” and “collaborative planning”
  • How to establish a rhythm for planning and communication to facilitate successful projects
  • How to create a high-level sequence of work through your planning meetings
  • How to enable two-way communication between owners, GCs, and specialty trades
  • How the entire team plays a role in execution and risk
  • How a well-defined process for planning and communication supported by technology enables operations data to be structured and made useful

Host: Noah Baker, Touchplan 


  • Dan Shakespeare, Project 7
  • Dan Fauchier, Construction Accelerator
  • Andy Fulton, Construction Accelerator