Webinar On-Demand.

Supply Chain Managers have to be able to understand demand signals. That means knowing what, when, where, and how things need to be delivered. Construction projects of all sizes are seeing activities frequently subject to unforeseen conditions. Also, forecasting dates for materials, equipment, furnishings, etc. has become increasingly difficult.

In this webinar we’ll discuss how your supply chain initiative can be improved by leveraging technology and improving collaboration.

You will learn:

  • How to incorporate supply chain management into your production plan
  • How to move toward a fully integrated jobsite and supply chain
  • Practical ways to think about the construction supply chain
  • How to leverage construction planning software to make your supply chain work for you
  • The importance of managing your tech interface with the jobsite and the rest of the supply chain in mind


  • Andrew Piland, Technology Partnerships at Touchplan
  • Jeff Houtz, Supply Chain Management at TritenIAG