Webinar On-Demand.

Structuring data at the jobsite level and implementing the Last Planner System® can drive the predictability of your projects. 

In this webinar, Touchplanner Noah Baker sits down with a panel of Lean Construction experts to discuss how implementing the right Lean methodologies with the data from construction planning software results in easier project planning and scheduling and more successful project outcomes. 

You will learn:

  • How teams can minimize variation and avoid costly "stops and starts"
  • How focusing on the field can drive project success
  • What training will improve buy-in and proper Last Planner® implementation
  • The importance of PPC and how to implement its use on the jobsite
  • How to easily diagnose bottlenecks and identify constraints earlyHow using a collaborative construction planning tool improves overall project predictability

Host: Noah Baker, Touchplan


  • Dan Fauchier, Lean Construction Expert at Construction Accelerator
  • Mark Worrall, CEO at BBI Services Ltd