Webinar On-Demand.

Crew planning across multiple projects is challenging for specialty contractors in the construction industry. You need to reach milestones and revenue goals while simultaneously managing multiple projects with varying crew sizes. However, it’s difficult to implement a standardized process without a single source of project information.You’ve got to get your project completed on time, on budget, and in today's labor market, properly managing manpower is critical.

In this webinar, Touchplanner, Matt DeKoeyer, sits down with a panel of specialty contractors to discuss how construction planning software can improve visibility to plan your crew size, help better manage manpower, allow plans to be adjusted on the fly, and more.

You will learn:

  • How to plan and manage crew size
  • How to plan and tweak on the fly
  • How to manage daily scope and manpower
  • How to collaborate and communicate in real time 

Host: Matthew DeKoeyer


  • Chase Rezentes - The Demo Company
  • Kyle Branderhorst - Quality “Plus” Services Inc.
  • Ben Branderhorst - Quality “Plus” Services Inc.