How Owners Can Maximize Project Certainty With Construction Planning Software

82% of owners cite the need for better collaboration with their contractors. With this communication gap and the fact that 77% of construction projects run late, the construction industry is in need of a transformation at the owner level. Listen in as Andrew Piland, Touchplanner and former superintendent for Whiting-Turner, and Talia Rucker, owner's representative at MOCA Systems, Inc., discuss how implementing a digital planning tool increases project certainty and ROI. A variety of topics will be covered including:

  • Why more owners are requiring digital planning software
  • How to enable two-way communication between owners, GCs, and specialty trades
  • How the entire team plays a role in execution and risk
  • How owners can stay ‘in the know’ with daily progress
  • How to overcome technology resistance at the owner level and establish comfortability with program management
  • How a well-defined process for planning and communication supported by technology enables operations data to be structured and made useful
When: May 11 at 1 PM EDT / 10 AM PDT

Andrew Piland, Head of Strategic Partnerships and Alliances and former superintendent for Whiting-Turner

Talia Rucker, Owner's Representative at MOCA Systems Inc.

Accessible anytime, anywhere

Align job site data from daily field plans and the external schedule with collaboration tools and dashboards that greatly improve communication, productivity, risk and safety.

Handle change, mitigate risk

"A solution that bridges the gap between the master schedule and daily plan can provide a huge advantage."

- Nathan Thompson, Scheduling Manager for Lee Kennedy Company

Master schedule, meet field plan

By collaboratively managing project controls, more commitments are met, more projects stay on budget, ahead of schedule, and ultimately, in the end, people’s lives are made better.

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