Webinar on-demand.

In an industry where 98% of projects suffer cost overruns and 77% percent run late, construction is in need of groundbreaking leaders. In this webinar, Angela Highland, CIT, CPC, sits down with Sandy Hamby, president and CEO of MOCA Systems, inc., and Doreen Bartoldus, NAWIC National President, to discuss their experience and how women can transform the construction industry. Listen in as these powerful women cover a variety of topics including.

You will learn:

  • How to maximize predictability on your jobsite
  • How to be a champion for yourself and advocate for process changes
  • How to deliver projects on time and under budget
  • How the next generation of women in construction can forge a path to become future leaders
Angela Highland, CIT, CPC

Sandy Hamby, President and CEO of MOCA Systems, inc.,

Doreen Bartoldus, PE, CCM, NAWIC National President